How to Start Affiliate Marketing : 7 Steps for Beginners

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to my How to Start Affiliate Marketing. Every individuals on internet merely wish to make money online. And Affiliate Marketing is the best ever way to generate passive income. But things are not easy process. But the best part is that, if you focus professionally in this section you will sure get success. For this purpose you have to put your time and also effort to your work. So, keep your eyes on my How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

This is Joy Dev here. Today I present you the most 7 crucial steps to start make money with affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

7 Steps to Earning Your First Affiliate Commission : How to Start Affiliate Marketing

(1) Choose a Niche ::
First of everything you have to set your mind. Which topics is more comfortable to you? In term of internet, it is called Niche selection. Because if you don’t know properly about your working area, you can not make your own audience. Also you will fail to build a awesome look site. Keep continue reading my How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

If you are already select your working niche, then get ready for next step. This may be most sensitive work.

  • When you select your niche, try to monitor these question:
  • What topics am i already passionate about?
  • Is there money in this niche?
  • What topic could i see myself can write 20, 30 or 50 blog posts?
  • Is there any chance to work with this niche for another affiliate marketers?
  • Is there any public demand for product in this niche?
  • Are there any affiliate programs available in your niche?

(2) Research Affiliate Programs ::
Okay! You already choose your niche. Now it’s time to find out about different programs and products in your niche to promote. You have probably research a bit while researching your niche. But now you have to research in a depth.

You have to see:

  • Which type of sellers are using this network?
  • How much commission you can generate from here?
  • Can you trust this affiliate program?
  • And what kind of support you will get as client?

(3) Build a Site ::
Friends step 1 & step 2 were the most difficult area i think. But you already finished that research work. Then it’s high time to take the right action.

I think you have no website as newbie. Okay! So building a website is your next step. But happy news is that building a website was very difficult before. But now a days, it’s more easier than any other work to get success. Read our How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

If you are a newbie, then my recommendation is to crate a site using WordPress. Cause this is the easiest platform to monitor everything.

So, complete the steps shown below:

  • Buy a domain,
  • Set up hosting,
  • Install WordPress,
  • Install an awesome look theme,
  • Get ready to create content.

(4) Create Fresh Content ::
Dear friends, you are now in such type of steps, from where you have to show your creativity. Because your income or generating money is fully depends on your performance to create content.

You have to remember “Content is King”. So making a unique, fresh and also informative content will be your next target. It can be time consuming, but real fact is that you can earn money with this content. Try to make your site as an good authority site in your niche. Keep reading my How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

You can create content in many ways, like :

  • Product Reviews,
  • Blog posts that solve common problems, questions or related issues to your targeted market,
  • Informational Product.

(5) Build Your Audience ::
Well! after making high quality content, you have to build your audience. My recommendation is to select natural ways to build audience. Cause from natural audience, you will get consistent traffic. Not only traffic, at the same time you get sales as well as commissions.

So, sharing your content to different social media will better. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and related network to you niche. Build an engagement and interest by making good relation with your audience. Continue reading my How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

Submit your post to high traffic blogs as guest post. At the same time you can build your email list, or sometimes you can invest a little bit to collect your audience.

(6) Promote Your Affiliate Offers ::
Oh! Finally you are in the best part for affiliate marking. Many of marketers tries to short the process 1 to 5 I described above. As a result their result will become ruined somehow. But you do all of them with a regularity. So a big chance is waiting for you. It’s time to promote your offer to your audience. Continue reading my How to Start Affiliate Marketing.

A number of ways are available to promote. Any of them or every method should try :

  • You can place a high converting product reviews to your site homepage,
  • You can place banner ads related to your niche in your website,
  • Set in-text content links,
  • When you complete your building email list, you can promote your offers to audience through email. That really driven your sales like Boom!
  • You can set discount and giveaways product to your site relate to your product.

But when you promote your offers, try to maintain the rules and regulation of your affiliate network. Because some of them don’t allows email marketing, or even some of them don’t allow to promote via paid advertising.

(7) Rinse and Repeat ::
Friends, you successfully completed the steps 1 to 6. And step 7 is that you have to repeat the above steps repeatedly. Yes! Seriously! If you want to get more traffic, more sales and a consistent commission you have to repeat the step 4-6 continuously.

Recap of 7 Steps to make money as affiliate marketers : How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Dear friends, You can feel the overall process overwhelming or sometimes it can make irritating to you. But setting up your site and building your reputation is not so easy what you have done. And when you are able to make your first sales, then all off these frustration goes on. And trust me, if you put your time and effort here honestly, surly you can get the real success.

So, have a look the 7 steps : How to Start Affiliate Marketing

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Research different affiliate programs and products.
  3. Build a site.
  4. Produce excellent content.
  5. Build an audience.
  6. Promote your affiliate product(s).
  7. Repeat steps #4–7 on a continual basis!

My personal Opinion :: How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Friends, I think you can get the basic information from above. But keep in mind that the failure rate is much higher than the success rate as Affiliate Marketers. So many of us faces some problems to earn form affiliate marketing ::

  • They can not select the appropriate niche,
  • They Don’t estimate that which offer is suitable to them?
  • Become tired to get sufficient Traffic,
  • Which method is performing well now-a-day?
  • Unable to monitor their visitors, So that they can not get exact commissions.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

My No #1 Recommendation :: How to Start Affiliate Marketing

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  6. Commission Junction & so on.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing

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How to Start Affiliate MarketingHow to Start Affiliate Marketing

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Conclusion :: How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Friends, Thanks for your patient to give me time to present this article. If you want to your career as an Affiliate Marketer. Then this 7 step-by-step guide will be the perfect solution. So without Zero investment you can start. YES! This is fully free for yours. Try at least once and change your life.

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